Elicko Taieb is a well-known and successful entrepreneur who has impacted all the major industries in the US. From real estate to CBD and electronic cigarettes to fitness, Eli has established different businesses in different sectors.

He started his journey from a food business with a very small investment, which soon became one of the most impressive food spots for the locals. By seeing his achievements, he decided to develop a business that could solve common problems, such as pest control services.

Later, Elicko’s core passion and immense knowledge and wisdom helped him establish a business named Vaporin. The reason to launch this business was that Elicko noticed a gap in the industry. He knew that people needed something to entertain themselves. For this reason, he introduced a great range of vapor products in the market.

Read more to learn how Eli Taieb started a business and later merged it with other companies.

Elicko Taieb’s Vaporin Business

Elicko Taieb has years of experience operating both small businesses and massive corporations. He also has the honor to run companies in different industries like food, drug, hospitality, and pest. Eli faced unexpected problems and situations in his career, but still, he managed to face them with his passion, motivation, and enthusiasm. Due to his optimistic nature, he established valuable and demanding electronic cigarettes and vaporizer businesses.

You also need to know that he was the branding expert, co-founder, and advisor of Vaporin. Note that this company is the major distributor of mods, vaporizers, tanks, and other vapor products. Additionally, you also need to give some credit to the company, as this organization has worked with both digital and online companies and retail stores to facilitate the consumers.

The Merger of Vapor Corp and Vaporin

As Vaporin became one of the highly regarded and popular businesses in the vaporization industry, this motivated other companies to join hands with them. This is why Vapor Corp. gave advice to Vaporin to merge with them.

It is important to note that this was a substantially profitable opportunity. Eli Taieb is clever and sharp and has the knowledge and expertise to understand the company’s worth. He also has an understanding of measuring the benefits and drawbacks of the merger, which helped him decide whether it was best to go ahead with the merger.

To make it clear, Vapor Corp. was a NASDAQ-listed company working in the US. Plus, several brands come under this organization, like Fifty-one and Hookah Stix. As Vapor Corp. was the only company operating under the NASDAQ, Elicko Taieb found it a great opportunity to survive in the industry. There is no doubt that due to Eli’s market research and analysis, Vapor was able to earn respect and value in the industry.

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