Since the millennia, Elicko Taieb has been involved in several business ventures ranging from the food industry to the real estate industry. He achieved renowned status as one of the most prolific serial entrepreneurs. Today, he has numerous achievements under his belt, including business ventures in multiple industries. If you don’t know this already, only a small proportion of the existing entrepreneurial population opts for serial entrepreneurship. Among those, a much smaller fraction of people become successful serial entrepreneurs.

Let’s dive into the success of Vaporin, which is among the most remarkable achievements of Elicko Taieb in the e-cig industry.

Eli Taieb’s Popular Business Venture: Vaporin

Whether you talk about seed investment or starting up a business from scratch, Eli Taieb has done it all. He is a profound and knowledgeable serial entrepreneur who has made many business ventures successful. Among his achievements, the crown jewels are Smoking Everywhere and Vaporin. Both businesses are from the electronic cigarettes market.

While Smoking Everywhere was one of the nation’s first e-cig companies, Eli stood out with the branding he did for Vaporin. The latter was the company that came after Smoking Everywhere. Vaporin stood as the major distributor and marketer of vapor products, including mods, tanks, vaporizers, and e-liquids.

Through offline retail stores and online digital sales, the company generated a massive revenue that allowed it to become a leading vapor product business.

Eli Taieb – Working Towards a Merger

As Vaporin was becoming successful in the US, a vapor market giant, Vapor Corp, approached Eli Taibe. While Eli Taieb was the co-founder of Vaporin, a lot rested on his shoulders. The CEO of the NASDAQ-listed Vapor Corp shared his ideas for a merger with Vaporin, which incited Eli Taieb. After long discussion and thorough negotiation, the merger effectively took place in March 2015. The overreaching status of Vaporin was thanks to the instrumental funding and marketing efforts of Elicko Taieb. The company remains popular among US vapor product consumers to date.

Eli Taieb’s Overall Success in the E-Cig Industry

Smoking Everywhere was the first e-cig business venture that Elicko Taieb opted for. He started the idea from scratch and turned it into a multi-million dollar entity. However, the journey wasn’t easy because soon after the company became successful, a feud with the Food and Drug Administration. Partnering with Sottera Inc., Eli Taieb took charge against the authority for restricting the import and production of electronic cigarettes.

While both companies were struggling with losses, Eli Taieb’s instrumental efforts yielded. The outcome was that the authorities had to allow the production of e-cig and remove the restrictions from Smoking Everywhere imposed by FDA.


There’re many hurdles a serial entrepreneur has to face, especially at the beginning of the career. Most people start the journey slowly and steadily. However, Eli Taieb had a different mindset. He was backed by his immense business knowledge and great prowess, which allowed him to jump right into the serial entrepreneurial world. He began with nine food business ventures at once and soon became successful in other industries.

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