Elicko Taieb is a serial entrepreneur who has been operating in the business world for two decades, with his reach extending over multiple industries. Eli’s entrepreneurial career began with the start of the Millennia when he first invested in the food industry.

Eli began serial entrepreneurship by investing in several food restaurants and shops across the United States. He chose the malls popular for healthy traffic of consumers throughout the year. With nine different food restaurants and shops, including Amazing Pretzels, I Scream for Ice Cream, and many more, Eli worked with different partners to boost the businesses towards success.

He shared the responsibilities and the brand popularity with his fellow entrepreneurs, as well as the profits they generated. Elicko Taieb has a passion for diversifying his business portfolio by working in a number of industries.

Not only this, but Eli is also a seed investor who took many innovative ideas and businesses and built companies from scratch, taking them to the heights of excellence and success. In addition to the multiple food industry markets, Eli also possesses the experience of operating in the demanding E-cigarettes and vapor products markets.

Elicko Taieb- Co-Founder of Vaporin


Elicko Taieb surely made a name in the e-cigarette industry in a way that helped him stand out from his competitors. Despite the involvement in numerous big to small ventures throughout his career, he was able to come up with personalized and beyond standard ways to manage and operate his businesses.

With the E-Cig industry, Eli stood out with his renowned company Vaporin; he was the proud co-founder. The company not only benefitted from the generous funding of he but also his marketing expertise. Eli Taieb was the brand creator for Vaporin and was responsible for the increased popularity of the company.

Vaporin offered nearly all products, including e-cigarettes, vapor products, and other similar goods. The company (i.e., Vaporin) was among the major marketers and distributors of vapor products and e-cigarettes in the United States.

Vaporin was a huge success in the markets of the United States and also one of the nation’s first e-cigarette companies. The product range included e-liquids, vaporizers, electronic cigarettes, tanks, mods, etc.

The sales platform was not only limited to traditional store sales and the retail store acquisition but also the modern online sales. What’s more, the sales extended worldwide, which supplemented the multi-pronged revenue models of the business.

To date, Eli Taieb’s Vaporin continues to serve its existing and potential customers through digital website accessibility worldwide.

Vaporin’s Success and Merger


Although Vaporin was a huge success, it merged into the NASDAQ stock exchange-listed company Vapor Corp. in 2014. Vapor Corp. was on the United States stock exchange and had brands like Hookah Stix, Fifty-One, and Alternacig operating under its wing.

The Chairman, President, and the CEO of Vapor Corp., Jeff Holman, was the one with whom Eli Taieb worked in order to solidify the mutually beneficial agreement. Consequently, the merger took place and was finalized in the year 2015.

What is surprising is that Vapor Corp. was the only major vapor products company on the US’s stock exchange. Therefore, it intensely subsidized the success and the general market appeal of the Vaporin Company and its products.

Elicko Taieb’s Success in the E-Cigarette Industry

In reality, Vaporin was not Eli’s first e-cigarette and vapor product industry experience. In fact, Eli Taieb was the founder and the proud CEO of one of the United State’s first electronic cigarette brands. It was “Smoking Everywhere.

Despite the hurdles that he had to face and battle with the FDA regulatory authority in America, Eli was successful in establishing the ground for his enterprise.

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